INTERACTIVE ART - Streamerijtje

50.00 - 100.00
INTERACTIVE ART - Streamerijtje

This is how it works:
1. Choose one of the available blobs

2. Buy the 'blob' and you will be contacted by me within a few days so we can make an appointment for the making of the Streamerijtje. You will get an email with the neccessary information.

3. On the date and time we set I go live on my Twitch channel. So you will be able to join the stream and watch as I turn your own 'blob' into a painting.

4. After it is varnished and dry the finished piece will be sent over to your homeaddress within the week.

- you get to choose the music we listen to
- we can chat about life and stuff as I work
- you could even tell me what you think the blob is supposed to be, and it might even turn into just that!

<< Disclaimer >> When I notice any disrespectfulness from the buyers' part, I will go offline and send your money to an organisation that fights the very behaviour the buyer shows. Also I will have the right to sell your painting to someone else. You won't have any claim to it or to your money. Disrespect being for example: sexism, racism, homophobia or other hateful bullshit like this.

<<> Otherwise! I love you and your painting will be awesome and our time together online will be fun!